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Personal Solutions

Personal Development 

ConnectME to the "The Career I Want"

Are you unhappy with your current job? Feeling unfulfilled? Feeling stuck? Simply want to level-up? Want to Change Careers? Let us help you! We offer a number of individualized solutions to help you gain clarity, discover the career you want, and secure the job for you. ​  New! January 2021


ConnectME Consulting

Consulting services are designed to offer strategic advice with proven results. Consultants are skilled in sharing their expertise and knowledge to help individuals and organizations to problem-solve and attain their goal(s).

ConnectME Coaching

Individual coaching sessions designed to assist individuals in maximizing their potential. A personal coach will work with you in a 1:1 setting to identify your specific goals, strengths, and opportunity areas. As you develop a relationship with your coach, they will gain a deeper understanding of what works best for you. As a result, your personal coach can better assist you in getting the results you want.

*Interested in a service that's not listed? Connect with us anyway! We are open to customizing services based on our customers' needs.


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